Collaboration with Nature Forte Gallery


It is with great joy and pride that I announce my future collaboration with the Nature Forte Gallery in Paris, under the direction of the famous photographer Jonk. My "Wild Spirits" series of drawings will soon adorn the gallery's walls.

Jonk, renowned for his hypnotic and evocative photographs of abandoned places reclaimed by nature, has a unique ability to highlight the delicate dance between man-made structures and the resilience of the natural world.


In parallel with the opening of his gallery, Jonk is launching a concept of Nature Forte, with the aim of making it an artistic genre in its own right, like landscape, portraiture or still life. Any artistic creation whose aim is to show the power of nature can be included in this concept.

In my "Wild Spirits" series, I explore the same theme, but illustrate the deep connection between humanity and the animal world.

Created with graphite and carbon pencils on paper, these drawings depict a child as the protagonist, radiating innocence, curiosity and untamed potential, while a wild animal stands subtly in the background, symbolically representing different facets of his personality.

This visual exploration invites viewers to recognize and preserve their own wild nature, while celebrating the unbreakable connection between human beings and the animal kingdom. It highlights the need for mankind to respect and preserve nature, as this symbiotic relationship is essential to our own survival and well-being.



Nature Forte Gallery is not just a space; it's an immersive experience that transports visitors to the heart of nature's resilience and beauty.

In addition to his magnificent photographs of abandoned places reclaimed by nature, Jonk surrounds himself with talented artists such as urban artist SIEL, cartoonist Alexis Raoult, and photographer Sébastien Malo.

Jonk's collaboration with Nature Forte Gallery is a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries and bring together different creative visions. I am deeply honored to share the stage with such talented and renowned artists, and I look forward to welcoming you to the upcoming exhibition.

Galerie Nature Forte

27 rue Jacques Louvel-Tessier

75010 Paris


Open Wednesday to Saturday, 2 to 7 pm
and by appointment

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