Collaboration with Courcelles Gallery




I'm delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with Galerie Courcelles in Paris, a mecca for artistic expression in the heart of the City of Light. This upcoming exhibition, entitled Beautés Animales, will showcase my Wild Encounters series, surrounded by magnificent works by CAPTON (paintings), Jürgen Lingl (sculptures) and Vincent Descotils (photographs). Join us for a visual journey that transcends borders, as we celebrate the fusion of art and nature in Paris' iconic art scene.

Galerie Courcelles in Paris is a testament to the city's enduring love of art and culture. The gallery's timeless ambience and central location make it a favorite among art lovers. As my drawings adorn its walls, we invite you to take part in an immersive journey that blends the tranquility of nature with the vitality of Paris.





My Wild Encounters series depicts in each drawing an animal with an intriguing out-of-bounds effect, contained within a diamond-shaped frame. This artistic choice adds a sense of depth and visual intrigue to the compositions. Accurately rendered with graphite pencils, the animals in these drawings have a striking presence and realistic quality. The optical effect used in the series gives the illusion that the animals are breaking free from the confines of their frame, creating a dynamic and captivating visual effect. This artistic technique serves as a metaphor for the complex interplay between order and chaos, structure and freedom.

The series invites viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between captivity and liberation, and encourages us to appreciate and preserve the beauty and wildness that exist beyond our self-imposed boundaries.



The collaboration with Galerie Courcelles in Paris marks a significant chapter in my artistic journey. Wild Encounters is a testament to the universal connection we share with the untamed world, and I look forward to sharing this deep connection with all of you. Together, let's celebrate the beauty, complexity and vulnerability of wilderness, and appreciate the transformative power of art.

 I'm delighted to warmly invite you to the Beautés Animales exhibition at Galerie Courcelles. Mark your calendars for an evening of artistic exploration on January 27, 2024, where we'll celebrate the harmony between art and nature. Your presence will add a touch of magic to this memorable occasion.


Galerie Courcelles

110 boulevard de Courcelles

75017 Paris


Open Monday to Friday, 2pm to 7pm and by appointment.


Beautés Animales

Opening January 27, 2024 from 3 pm to 6:30 pm

Exhibition from January 30 to March 9, 2024


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