Exhibition at Salon d'Automne 2024






As an artist passionate about capturing the essence of wildlife through my drawings, I'm delighted to share the news that my work Baby Rhino has been selected for the prestigious Salon d'Automne de Paris.

Created in 1903 with the aim of promoting the avant-garde and innovative minds of their time, the Salon d'Automne continues to champion a variety of styles and artists, and focuses on showcasing much of contemporary creation. This historic gathering of contemporary art continues to encourage modernity in French art and abroad, bringing together nearly 1,000 artists in an annual exhibition. The Salon d'Automne is the undisputed promoter of all the arts, without distinction of hierarchy, in France and abroad.


Baby Rhino is part of a series called Wild Encounters, in which each drawing depicts an animal with an intriguing out-of-bounds effect, contained within a diamond-shaped frame. This artistic choice adds a sense of depth and visual intrigue to the compositions. Accurately rendered with graphite pencils, the animals in these drawings have a striking presence and realistic quality. The optical effect used in the series gives the illusion that the animals are breaking free from the confines of their frame, creating a dynamic and captivating visual effect. This artistic technique serves as a metaphor for the complex interplay between order and chaos, structure and freedom. The series invites viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between captivity and liberation, and encourages us to appreciate and preserve the beauty and wildness that exist beyond our self-imposed boundaries.

Being selected for the Salon d'Automne is a tremendous honor and a testament to my dedication to wildlife art. I hope Baby Rhino will resonate with viewers, inspiring them to connect with nature on a deeper level and join the effort to protect our planet's precious wildlife.





Salon d'Automne


Exhibition opening January 17 from 5pm
with opening ceremony at 7:30pm

 January 18 to 21, 2024

Grande Halle de la Villette

75019 Paris

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