News [EN]

Collaboration with Nature Forte Gallery
News [EN] · 08 October 2023
Proud to announce my future collaboration with Nature Forte Gallery in Paris, France

Exhibition at Salon National des Artistes Animaliers 2023
News [EN] · 05 October 2023
My drawing 'Baby gorilla' has been selected for the Salon National des Artistes Animaliers 2023.

Pierre David-Weill drawing prize finalist
News [EN] · 15 March 2023
1 artwork has been selected for the drawing prize Pierre David-Weill by Academy of Fine Arts.

Selected for Salon ADN 2022
News [EN] · 07 May 2022
2 artworks are selected for the first edition of Salon ADN in Lyon, France

ArAnimA 2022 Exhibition
News [EN] · 01 May 2022
3 artworks are currently displayed in ArAnimA 2022 exhibition in Espace Rex, La Baule, France

Ara d'Or trophy 2021
News [EN] · 04 October 2021
Happy to announce that I won the ArAnimA-LPO France prize with my drawing 'Breathe'

Selected for ArAnimA 2021 Exhibition
News [EN] · 07 August 2021
3 artworks will be part of ArAnimA 2021 exhibition in Gallery Thuillier in Paris, France

Selected by KAZoART gallery
News [EN] · 19 April 2021
I am now an artist selected by KAZoART gallery !

ArAnimA - '10 Years' Virtual Exhibition
News [EN] · 21 November 2020
ArAnimA '10 years' virtual exhibition is now live !