Pierre David-Weill drawing prize finalist / Finaliste du prix de dessin Pierre David-Weill
15 March 2023
1 artwork has been selected for the drawing prize Pierre David-Weill by Academy of Fine Arts. 1 œuvre a été sélectionnée pour le prix de dessin Pierre David-Weill de l'Académie des Beaux-Arts.

Selected for Salon ADN 2022 / Sélectionnée pour le Salon ADN 2022
07 May 2022
2 artworks are selected for the first edition of Salon ADN in Lyon, France

ArAnimA 2022 Exhibition / Exposition 2022 de ArAnimA
01 May 2022
3 artworks are currently displayed in ArAnimA 2022 exhibition in Espace Rex, La Baule, France

Ara d'Or trophy 2021 / Trophée Ara d'Or 2021
04 October 2021
Truly happy to announce that I received the "Ara d'Or" trophy for my drawing 'Breathe' last night during the opening of ArAnimA exhibition at Galerie Thuillier in Paris, France. My deepest thanks to Maud Lelièvre, representing LPO France and the amazing people of ArAnimA who always do a tremendous job. And last but not least, thanks to Samir El Ghoula Photographie for the beautiful reference photo. The exhibition is taking place at Galerie Thuillier, 13 rue de Thorigny, Paris until October...

Selected for ArAnimA 2021 Exhibition / Sélectionnée pour l'exposition 2021 de ArAnimA
07 August 2021
3 artworks will be part of ArAnimA 2021 exhibition in Gallery Thuillier in Paris, France

Selected by KAZoART gallery / Sélectionnée par la galerie KAZoART
19 April 2021
I am now an artist selected by KAZoART gallery !

21 November 2020
ArAnimA '10 years' virtual exhibition is now live !